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Product No: #60250 Series
(Computer mobile cart)


This computer mobile cart is designed to be high quality appearance and competitively priced. It provides easy cart operation and mobility.

#60250-A7AG cart + optional #60606 CPU holder + P60250-13 cable managing box Optional #60606 CPU holder

Loop basket

60250-a7aboxcpulcd.jpg (9K) 60606polecpu.jpg (11k) P60250-19.jpg (5k)


@ @
#24-07A keyboard clamp Optional P24-12-10A extended mouse tray

P60250-10 cart handle

24-07a.jpg (8k) p24-12-10a.jpg (6k) 60250-10.jpg (6k)


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4" premium heavy duty wheels Premium aluminum large base Optional P60250-13 metal cable management box
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Item No.



Part selection list



23-24s.jpg (4K)

#23-24 2" pole x 48" long

2 Wheel base 25-34as.jpg (4K)

#25-34A Aluminum alloy base with 4" wheels (2 lockable)


LCD panel & handle

21-01s.jpg (5K)

1 x #21-01 LCD pivot head

25-40qs.jpg (4K)

#25-40Q single mount 2" pole clamp


Keyboard & handle

25-40qs.jpg (4K)

#25-40Q single mount 2" pole clamp

p60250-10s.jpg (4K)

#P60250-10 cart handle

22-06-1s.jpg (4K)

#22-06-1 swing arm

21-14s.jpg (4K) #21-14 foldable tray pivot head
24-07s.jpg (4K)

#24-07A keyboard clamp

p24-12-10as.jpg (3K) Optional P24-12-10A extended mouse tray 

CPU holder

/60606poles.jpg (3K)

Optional #60606 pole mount CPU holder


Cable management box

@p60250-13s.jpg (4K) Optional P60250-13 pole mount cable managing box

Loop basket

@p60250-13s.jpg (4K) Optional P60250-19 pole mount basket (345Lx145Wx120H/mm)


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