Sallas Industrial Co., Ltd.Healthcare adjustable foldable arm -

Product No: #60226 Series
(Wall mount)
LCD Foldable Arm


This LCD foldable arm is designed to be lightweight, of high quality appearance and competitively priced. The design incorporates display tilt and rotation adjustment. Ruggedly constructed from light weight aluminum alloy arm parts with quality surface coating and provision for internal housing of monitor cabling.  


Example of hospital healthcare patient room Example of hospital patient room

Foldable arm for hospital use -

Healthcare adjustable foldable arm -
Example of dental clinic #60226-V0 dimensions

60226dent.jpg (4k)

60226-v0dim.jpg (7k)
#60226-VPW #60226-VP dimensions

60226-vpw.jpg (6k)

60226-vpdim.gif (8k)



Product Number Mount Bracket Foldable Arm Vertical Pin VESA 75/100 Color Load Capacity
#60226-V0WGV #25-12 wall mount #26-31-52 None Yes gray 2kgs(4.4lbs) - 6kgs(13.2lbs)
#60226-VPWGV #25-12 wall mount #26-31-52 #21-05 Yes gray 2kgs(4.4lbs) - 5kgs(11lbs)


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